About Us


Our company is committed to developing innovative products through applied engineering and focused  R&D. From the very beginning, we have been working closely with our customers to ensure that our innovative spirit is focused on solutions for their real needs. We have developed and are in the process of developing exciting products in the following technology areas: C4ISR, Biometrics, Visualization/Virtualization, Free-Space Optics, Interactive Entertainment, Information Exploitation, Border Security Sensors, and many other engineering products.

We provide extensive engineering talent to support design concept, integration, verification and deployment of C4ISR systems for our clients.


Global Shift engineers have a creative eye toward efficient and effective designs that meet required service levels while minimizing cost. From containerized, rapidly deployable solutions to robust data center designs, to cloud based architectures to sophisticated transmission systems, to the secure, unified capabilities of the future – Global Shift has been enabling critical Warfighter C4ISR technologies.


Our commitment to our clients is to provide beyond exceptional services that meet and exceed their goals. We proudly provide engineering solutions and consulting services— whenever, however and wherever you need us, we will be there.


Launched in 2008 under the direction of William Porter,  a retired U.S. Navy Captain, Global Shift strives to serve the defense, homeland security, law enforcement, space systems and intelligence communities by providing top-quality engineering services. Our mission is to provide the most qualified individuals who will satisfy customer needs. In May 2012, Global Shift was designated as a SDVOSB.